New Media Art is about artist collaboration. The artist takes an idea and uses digital or electronic technology to express it.

Partnering with today's artists and technology experts, DH Art Design's creative team can offer innovative 'new media art' for healing, working, and living environments. Clients can bring us an idea, and the DHAD team will take it from concept to a unique site-specific artform. Teaming together with artists, craftsmen, designers, fabricators, and technology specialists is what makes DH Art Design unique in the consulting business. We are your specialist in art direction and custom design.

The Possibilities are Endless
Digital printing on any substrate from sustainable bamboo to mural size plexi • Mixing fine art or nature photography with music • Imbedding photos or organic materials into glass • Projecting art & video on monitors/walls • Smartphone walking art tours • Plus other creative collaboration 

Artist Solutions Developed for:
  • Healing
    • Pain & Stress Management
    • Pediatrics
    • Mental Health
    • Surgical Pre/Post Op
    • MRI
    • ElderCare

Art becomes more accessible and economical using electronic monitors, tablets, and smart phones. 

  • Architectural Design
    • Wayfinding
    • Branding
    • Interactive Art Signage
    • Placemaking
      • InfusionArt Artwork embedded in glass
      • Art Lighting
      • Art Wallcovering

DH Art Design's creative team loves a challenge.
We can bring life to your vision.