Healthcare Specialty Consulting

Every healthcare project has different needs and the scope can vary from a small clinic to a comprehensive healing arts program and art collection. During an initial art needs assessment, DHAD can help you discern and prioritize services.

Arts Management Services

  • Develop Patient-Centered Art Program Strategies to Support Administrative Goals
  • Provide Specialized Consulting Support for Facility Planners and Art Committees
  • Evaluate Facility's Design/ Decor and Recommend Art-Based Improvements
  • Establish Arts & Aesthetics Standards and Directions

Manage Commission and Site-Specific Works

  • Proposals/ Contracts
  • Artist Selection Process and Advisory
  • Liability and Insurance Information
  • Collaborations: Creative Direction and Project Management

Creative Design

  • Design Creative Solutions for Art-In-Architecture: Wayfinding Signage, Wall/ Floor/Ceiling Surfaces, Use of Color, Lighting, and Other Design Elements
  • Create Healing Spaces Using a Sensory Approach (visual/ auditory/ tactile/ aromatic)
  • Graphic Design of Art Program/ Exhibit Materials

Cost Effective Purchasing with Direct Buying

  • Access Artwork from Artists, Regional & National Galleries, Publishers, Dealers and other resources at Discounted Pricing
  • Negotiate Acquisitions and Commissions on the Client's Behalf

Professional Curatorial Services

  • Specification of Custom Framing/ Displays
  • Conservation and Reconditioning of Existing Artwork
  • Recommend Lighting and Site Preparation
  • Implement Fireproofing and Code Requirements
  • Develop Inventory and Collection Documentation Database
  • Write and Produce Artwork Identification

Access Free Artwork/ Arts

  • Grantwriting/ Fundraising/ Donor Coordination
  • Organize and Curate Community Art Exhibits
  • Develop Programs Using Music and Art Therapy Students
  • Recruit and Train Arts Volunteers
  • Network with Community Organizations/ Museums

Multidisciplinary Arts Programming

  • Develop Audio/ Video Relaxation Resource Libraries (Music & Imagery)
  • Develop Rotating Patient Cart Programs: Art/ Humor/ Creative Activities
  • Integrate Arts Programming into Closed Circuit Television Programs
  • Integrate Artwork Signage with a Whole Patient Emphasis

Link Arts to Patient-Public Relations

  • Promote Multi-Cultural Awareness Using the Arts
  • Organize Community Art Exhibits/ Events/ Arts Workshops/ Performances
  • Develop Program Brochures/ Publications/ Press Releases

Apply the Arts for Health Promotion

  • Integrate the Arts to Mind-Body Medicine and Evidence-Based Design
  • Design Special Programming for Staff Enrichment Workshops
  • Apply Music and Art Therapy Techniques
  • Use Art Imagery for Pain Relief and Relaxation