Dorsey Hovde Art Design - Our Vision

Our Vision

Dorsey-Hovde Art Design is a diverse team of art professionals who are inspired by a shared vision to create beautiful, healthy environments where people can enjoy a vibrant living experience and be empowered with the creativity, imagination and inspiration that the language of the arts can provide.

We believe the arts,
 thoughtfully integrated
 into any environment,
can contribute to the
nurturing and restoration
of health and wellness
of the body, mind and spirit.

At the core of our business, we build relationships with our clients who become long-lasting   partners. That is really what makes us different. As we better understand a client's facility, design and organizational goals and their people we can offer aesthetic solutions that go beyond artwork for the walls. Art then becomes a bridge to improve communication between co-workers, departments and the public. It speaks a universal language that can express a very powerful message. Our challenge is to help clients clarify what their message is, and use art as the tool to express it.
          - Victoria Dorsey-Hovde, DHAD Founder