Dorsey Hovde Art Design - Testimonials


"I couldn't be more gratified with the excellent results we had with Dorsey Hovde Art Design! We had a top-notch construction and design team ... and your role in the project made it a fresh and exciting experience. I never had the privilege of working on such an art-intense project before. The impact of the art on the experience of patients, staff, and visitors cannot be overestimated. The variety of media and works is truly marvelous!"

-Project Manager, Mental Health Hospital

"I have very much enjoyed working with you, and seeing all the magic that you work when putting the final touches on our projects. You have been very influential in helping to create some very peaceful and calming spaces. It has been fun seeing you bring projects to life." 

- Director of Facility Planning and Construction

"You are did an outstanding job! This (commissioned) piece is rich with meaning and beauty and will be the soul of the building. I know you are working hard on such a demanding schedule with our committee, but you make it look easy! Thank you!" 

Facility Planner

"I have visited over 50 hospitals in the past 5 years, and this facility, by far, has the most beautiful art work of any I've seen! Overall, the variety, placement, lighting, and sculptures make the Hospital more attractive and functional than others I've visited. Congratulations to you and your team on a superb job -- planning and implementing this most complex project."

Hospital Board Member

"When we built our new hospital, we knew that special attention to artwork would be essential to move our facility from average to special. We could not have been more fortunate in enlisting Dorsey Hovde Art Design in that effort. With the expert guidance of DH Art Design, (our team) were able to create a physical environment that exceeded our every hope and expectation. From the day our hospital opened, there have been more positive comments about the artwork than any other feature. I would not hesitate for a moment in giving the highest recommendation possible to Dorsey Hovde Art Design." 

Hospital President