Dorsey Hovde Art Design - Our Creative Process

Our Creative Process

Many ask "What does an art consultant do?" Here is a brief explanation.

The DH Art Design's creative team takes a unique artist's approach when developing an art collection for a client. This develops exceptional collections that are creatively conceived, designed and placed within a particular environment.

We start by looking at each space as an empty canvas and gather information from:

  • The architectural vision by evaluating floor plans, site features, listening to the project architects and designers
  • The interior design elements by reviewing finish samples, measuring and photographing the site
  • The client's goals by listening to administration and planners during initial discussions
  • The people who will be occupying or navigating through the space by interviewing, surveying, and observing.

Then in our minds eye we imagine specific works of art from our bank of possibilities that create the desired mood, the color emphasis, the textural subtleties and the rhythmic movement that would be visually pleasing - and meet all of the clients goals.

The project consultant brainstorms options and confers with the DHAD consulting team for additional feedback. The consultant completes a budget and placement proposal and then looks for specific pieces in a comprehensive art search. Final recommendations are presented for client review. With approvals, the consultant takes it from there until the final detail is completed and the client is fully satisfied.